Guild Application

Guild Application

Read the Guild Code of Conduct. Applicants Must Be Over 24 Years of Age!

Raid Times:  Sign-ups through the in-game calender.

Copy, paste, and answer the following questions & then email to the Blog Email –

In the subject of your email, please use the format of “Guild Application – (Character Name) – (Character Class)”


– Name:

– Class:

– Race:

– Level:

– Real life age:

– Talent Spec:

– Aside from your current class, which other classes are you experienced with?:

– Do you raid on different characters with other guilds or is this character your “main”?:


– Time zone:

– Average Playtime per Week (Hours):

– Are you interested in Raiding?

-Are you interested in PVP/Arena?


– Do you have raiding experience? (Y/N):

– Will you sign-up for raids and attend to those you signed up for? (Y/N):


– We require ALL members of the guild to have the latest version of the following addons:

  • Omen
  • BigWigs/Deadly Boss mods
  • Ventrilo

– Are you ready to install all of those addons if you are not using them already? (Y/N):

– What class/role specific mods, or any other mods do you find helpful for maximizing your play? (link a picture of your UI, if you want):


– Do you know any Respect members?:

– What was the name of the last guild you were in? And why did you leave?


– Tell us a bit about yourself:

– Why did you choose to apply to Respect?:

– Will you use the blog? (Y/N):

– Did you read the Guild Code of Conduct and agree to it? (Y/N):

– If you are accepted, you will be put on an ‘Trial’ period for evaluation, usually 2-4 weeks. Is this acceptable to you? (Y/N):

– Anything else you would like to add?:



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