Code of Conduct

Welcome to the home of Respect.

As our name suggests we’re a guild that supports players rights to enjoy their gaming experience within the confines of our guild.  In order to do this we have drafted a Code of Conduct and strongly recommend all members read it.

  • Treat all as you would like to be treated.  Any antisocial behaviour that includes racial, verbal or any virtual maliciousness will not be tolerated.  This also includes appropriate language when on vent and in Guild/Party chat.
  • Appropriate behaviour when PUGing or with external chat (trade chat etc) is expected.
  • Any guild drama is to be dealt with privately.  All guild matters can be brought to the attention of the GM, CoGM and Officers who with promptly assist with mediation.
  • All players are to give Respect first priority when raiding.
  • All players are to have Ventrillo installed.  Details may be obtained from the officers.
  • All contributions and withdrawals are on a needs basis.  Officers can help you withdraw from the GB.
  • All guild matters are moderated by the GM and any decision they make is final.

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