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Casual Guild Raiding in Firelands

Tankspot always has great vids on many raids and during their current Q & A episode they offer some great advice for casual guilds and tackling Firelands. Highly recommended viewing! They also discuss avoidance, why Tankspot doesnt do 10man videos, sitting out for raid progression, playing the spec you want to in raids and a bunch of other cool things.

Joystick have also released a great blog entry for noobie players who are not too sure how to approached the Firelands content.



The first boss from Black Wing Descent. (BWD)

TGN.TV’s guide to 10Man Normal –

The following is a great alternative to Tankspots fight and well worth trying –

Tankspots Guide also explained at WOWHead

Rage of the Firelands – Patch 4.2.0

Hey Guildies, we’ve all heard of the up and coming new patch that has huge changes in store for us.  After trawling the net for a bit I’ve come up with some interesting links that out it all into perspective.

  1. A great general summary of whats going to change.  This one includes everything from raids, vanity pets, changes to UI, new quests and a bunch of other stuff!
  2. Faction Rewards
  3. Ghostcrawler’s blog on how WOW has aimed to readdress the games ‘Balance’. A number of classes have been affected here, well worth the look.
  4. WOW’s Official Guide to Rage of the Firelands.  This includes their patch notes, lore, raids, armor, developers notes and a nifty Wallpaper.
  5. Wowwikki’s in depth guide to class changes in Patch 4.2.0
  6. New PVP Mounts
  7. PVP Crafted Gear
  8. Season 10 PVP Armor Sets (as seen below)
If you have a link that may be of interest to the guild, please email it to

Raiding and Boss Strats

Hi All

As we are starting out raiding and will be taking on some rather complex boss’s i have tracked down a very nice and details site for all boss’s

Before joining raid please make sure you know your job and location for the boss’s we will be facing. The location is the strats are listed up the top by instance.

Order of Raid

Blackwing Descent, Bastion of Twilight, then Throne of the Four Winds. Do Omnitron and Halfus/Valiona & Thelarion first, then Conclave. After that, I’d hit up Magmaw followed by the next 3 in Blackwing, then do the Council in Bastion. Nefarian is considered to be the easiest of the three end bosses, so do him then Cho’gall then Al’akir.

– Azragarn

Cataclysm Shoulder & Head Enchants

Shoulder Enchants
Require Therazane reputation.
Available at Honored reputation:

Available at Exalted reputation:

Helm Enchants
Available at Revered reputation with their respective factions.

” You stood in WHAT?!”

We spend most of our playing lives avoiding anything that appears on the ground but since cataclysm alot has changed.  Here is really useful list of things that are OK to stand in during an instance/raid.

A must read.



Class List of Builds & Stat Priorities

Hi All, I have been finding all the basic stats and the best specs (most used and documented) for classes as listed. The stats are listed in the order of priority and where I could the % you need.

More data will be added as I find them.

Death Knight

Blood Stats – (Two spare points: put them in Abomination’s Might, BCB, Virulence or Crimson Scourge. Most endgame raid tanks think Crimson Scourge is a waste of points)

Melee Hit 8%

Spell Hit 11-13%


Expertise (26 Expertise Skill is the Expertise Cap) reduces the chance a target will dodge/parry your attacks

Reforge for Mastery, unless you need to reforge for hit/expertise (threat)

Frost DPS –

Dual Wield
StrengthHit to cap 8% >= Expertise to cap (26) > MasteryCritHasteAgilityHit to spell cap 17% without talents

Two Hand
StrengthHit to cap 8%>= Expertise to cap (26) > HasteMasteryCritAgilityHit to spell cap 17% without talents

On both setups with talents you will need to add about 13% spell hit

Unholy DPS – (2h) (Dual Wield)

StrengthHit 8% > HasteCrit >= Expertise (26-27) > MasteryAgility


Feral Cat –

Agility > Strength > Mastery > Hit (961/8%) > Crit > Haste > AP

Feral Bear – (may need some tweaking)

Agility > Strength > Mastery > Hit (961/8%) > Crit > Haste > AP

Here is a little on why certain stats are better for feral druid

Str 2 AP (Strictly inferior to Agi, however, it looks like we’ll still use Str on tank jewellery.)

Agi 2 AP while in Cat or Bear Form, 1% Physical Crit per 324.85, 1% Dodge (pre-DR) per 243.58281085

Sta 10 Health

Int 15 Mana, 1% Spell Crit per 648.91

Spr Useless to a Feral

Balance –

Int > haste (24.22% or 3102) = hit (17%) = Spirit > crit >= mastery

Resto –

Int > Spirit > haste (5% or 932) > crit >= mastery


Beast Mastery –

Agility > Hit (8% / 961) > Attack Power > Crit > Mastery > Haste (32% on top of talents)

Survival –

Agility > Hit (8%/961) > Crit > Haste (32% on top of talents) > Mastery

Marksman –

Hit (8%) > Agility > AP > Crit > Haste (this list is out of date, working on new one but should be about the same)


Frost – (minor and major glyphs can be rotated but the prime ones are considered best for all situations)

Spell hit (17% total) > Crit > Haste > Mastery

Fire –

Intellect > Haste (to cap 12.5% or 646) > Hit (17% / 1742) > Spell Power > Crit > Mastery then start building haste again.

Arcane –

Intellect > Spell Hit (17%) > Crit > Haste > Mastery


Retribution –

Hit > Crit > Expertise > Str > AP > Haste > Mastery

Holy –

Intellect > Spell power > Haste > Spell Crit > Mastery > Spirit (almost useless)

Protection – (best all round)

Strength (increase AP, Parry, Dodge) > Stam > Agility > Hit (8% / 961) > Expertise (26 / 781) > Mastery


Discipline –

Intellect > Spirit > balance all other stats

Holy –

Intellect > Spirit > Haste (12.5%) > Mastery

Shadow –

Intellect / Spell power> Haste > Crit > Mastery > Spirit (once again work in progress not enough lvl 85 priests submitting stats)


Combat –

Agility > Hit (6% off gear) > Expertise > Haste > Spell Hit > Crit > Mastery

Assassination –

Agility > Hit (8%) > Spell Hit (17%) > Mastery > Haste > Expertise > Crit

Subtlety  –

Unknown setup, PVP build not much data


Enhancement –

Hit (under spell cap 17%) > Expertise (under cap of 26) > Agility > Mastery > Crit >= Haste > Hit > Intellect = Strength > Spell Power

Resto –

Intellect > Spirit > Haste (to soft cap 967) > Crit (25% inc raid) > Mastery > Haste (to hard cap 3250)

Elemental –

Hit (to 17% Spell 8% melee) > Spirit > Intellect > Haste > Mastery > Crit


Destruction –

Intellect > Hit (17% / 1742) > Crit > Haste (950) > Mastery

Affliction –

Intellect > Hit (17% / 1742) > Crit > Haste (950) > Mastery

Demonology –

Intellect > Hit (17%) > Haste > Crit > Mastery


Arms –

Strength > Hit (8% / 961) > Expertise (26 / 792) > Crit.  Remember, unlike with Fury, any rating above either of these caps is 100% wasted so reforge if this happens

Fury –

Strength > Hit (8%) > Crit > Expertise (26 points) > Haste > Mastery

Protection –

As we know warriors are special ppl, they have 2 sets of stats priority depending on your goal as a tank. This make them the hardest to gear and do numbers for. So don’t shoot the messenger I just did the numbers and research

Survival Stat Priority:

Stamina > Mastery > Parry > Dodge

Stamina is still your best stat, but not to the extent of sacrificing everything else as was the case in WotLK. Conserving healer mana is a very real concern now. Mastery is your best stat for smoothing out incoming physical damage, and also increases rage generation through blocks. Parry provides the same avoidance level as Dodge now, but also procs the Hold the Line talent. Dodge will become more valuable as gear ratings climb higher to reduce diminishing returns losses from over-stacking the other stats.

Threat Stat Priority:

Expertise > Hit > Strength > Crit

In a real-world situation nothing beats Expertise for producing consistent threat output. A string of parries against a fresh mob is what gets DPS killed. Hit provides similar benefits to Expertise once you defeat a target’s dodge chance, and is of particular importance when using interrupts (since targets cannot parry or dodge while casting). Strength and crit, while not specifically bad for tank threat, are never worth gearing for.



Heroics by Difficulty

Hi All


Been hunting as I was asked and I came across a short list of the easiest heroics

Here they are from 1-6 (easiest to hardest)


1. The Vortex Pinnacle

2. Halls of Origination:

3. Throne of Tides:

4. Blackrock Caverns

5. Lost City of Tolvir

6. Shadowfang Keep


BRC and Lost City tie but that there is the general consensus of difficulty




Raiding with Respect

Here are the 2 popular progression paths being used for 10 and 25 man

Get to know the bosses if you are going to be raiding

1. Conclave of Four Winds

2. Halfus Wyrmbreaker

3. Omnitron Defence System

4. Magmaw

5. Valiona and Theralion

6. Atramedes

7. Chimaeron

8. Maloriak

9. Ascendant Council

10. Al’Akir

11. Cho’gall

12. Nefarian


1. Magmaw

2. Omnitron

3. Conclave of Four Winds

4. Halfus Wyrmbreaker

5. Atramedes

6. Maloriak

7. Valiona and Theralion

8. Chimaeron

9. Al’Akir

10. Ascendant Council

11. Cho’gall

12. Nefarian