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Casual Guild Raiding in Firelands

Tankspot always has great vids on many raids and during their current Q & A episode they offer some great advice for casual guilds and tackling Firelands. Highly recommended viewing! They also discuss avoidance, why Tankspot doesnt do 10man videos, sitting out for raid progression, playing the spec you want to in raids and a bunch of other cool things.

Joystick have also released a great blog entry for noobie players who are not too sure how to approached the Firelands content.



The first boss from Black Wing Descent. (BWD)

TGN.TV’s guide to 10Man Normal –

The following is a great alternative to Tankspots fight and well worth trying –

Tankspots Guide also explained at WOWHead

Rage of the Firelands – Patch 4.2.0

Hey Guildies, we’ve all heard of the up and coming new patch that has huge changes in store for us.  After trawling the net for a bit I’ve come up with some interesting links that out it all into perspective.

  1. A great general summary of whats going to change.  This one includes everything from raids, vanity pets, changes to UI, new quests and a bunch of other stuff!
  2. Faction Rewards
  3. Ghostcrawler’s blog on how WOW has aimed to readdress the games ‘Balance’. A number of classes have been affected here, well worth the look.
  4. WOW’s Official Guide to Rage of the Firelands.  This includes their patch notes, lore, raids, armor, developers notes and a nifty Wallpaper.
  5. Wowwikki’s in depth guide to class changes in Patch 4.2.0
  6. New PVP Mounts
  7. PVP Crafted Gear
  8. Season 10 PVP Armor Sets (as seen below)
If you have a link that may be of interest to the guild, please email it to

Tentative List for Raid Team


The list above displays the names of all the guildies that expressed interest in joining this years raid team. If any of the details are incorrect, incomplete or your name isn’t on the list and you’d like it to be, please contact Nenni in game or send an email to

Those with iLvl’s in the RED need to get them to 339 or above or you will be ineligible to participate within the raid team.

We are also opening our doors to potential Raiders, so if anyone has a friend that might be interested in joining us, please contact an Officer  – Nenni, Azregarn, Hogunn or Silveraxe and let them know.

–  Nenni

Instance and Raid Guides For Cataclysm

A comprehensive series of  heroic guides –

5 Man Cataclysm Heroic Instances

25 Man Cataclysm Raiding

– Hogunn

Order of Raid

Blackwing Descent, Bastion of Twilight, then Throne of the Four Winds. Do Omnitron and Halfus/Valiona & Thelarion first, then Conclave. After that, I’d hit up Magmaw followed by the next 3 in Blackwing, then do the Council in Bastion. Nefarian is considered to be the easiest of the three end bosses, so do him then Cho’gall then Al’akir.

– Azragarn

New Raid Guides

Two new raid guides well worth looking at –

Conclave of the Wind

Baradin Hold

– Hogunn

” You stood in WHAT?!”

We spend most of our playing lives avoiding anything that appears on the ground but since cataclysm alot has changed.  Here is really useful list of things that are OK to stand in during an instance/raid.

A must read.



Heroics by Difficulty

Hi All


Been hunting as I was asked and I came across a short list of the easiest heroics

Here they are from 1-6 (easiest to hardest)


1. The Vortex Pinnacle

2. Halls of Origination:

3. Throne of Tides:

4. Blackrock Caverns

5. Lost City of Tolvir

6. Shadowfang Keep


BRC and Lost City tie but that there is the general consensus of difficulty




Raiding with Respect

Here are the 2 popular progression paths being used for 10 and 25 man

Get to know the bosses if you are going to be raiding

1. Conclave of Four Winds

2. Halfus Wyrmbreaker

3. Omnitron Defence System

4. Magmaw

5. Valiona and Theralion

6. Atramedes

7. Chimaeron

8. Maloriak

9. Ascendant Council

10. Al’Akir

11. Cho’gall

12. Nefarian


1. Magmaw

2. Omnitron

3. Conclave of Four Winds

4. Halfus Wyrmbreaker

5. Atramedes

6. Maloriak

7. Valiona and Theralion

8. Chimaeron

9. Al’Akir

10. Ascendant Council

11. Cho’gall

12. Nefarian