Character Assassination: Ryshiel

Character Assassination is our regular blog entry that features members from our guild…

What is your Main called?


What Class is your Main?

Holy Priest

What Race is your main?


What is your main’s Profession?

Tailoring and Enchanting

What sex is your main?


How Long have you /played?

I’ve been playing Wow for about five years.  On Ryshiel at level 85…

Total time played: 49 days, 16 hours, 20min, 5 seconds

Time Played at this level: 11 days, 8 hours, 21 minutes, 5 seconds

What are the names of your other alts?

Zennie – (85) Gnome Warlock

Stufdifiknow – (57) Human Hunter

Therwyn – (65) Human Mage

Nadiir – (80) Draenai Death Knight

…and various baby toons to numerous to list. I get bored easily 😛

What do you like the most about playing WOW?

The social aspect – I love having a few drinks and mucking about on vent with my awesome guild whilst raiding on a Saturday night 🙂

What do you dislike the most about playing WOW?

PUGs. I hate PUGs. Specifically, getting abused by fail PUGs because they did something stupid and I let the group wipe. Apparently its always the healers fault!

Out of all of Azeroth what is your favourite place and why?

Uldum. I’m obsessed with anything remotely Ancient Egyptian!

If you could change one thing about WOW, what would it be?

Longer time-delay penalty for PUG’s who leave groups after one wipe. (I know Blizz could track that somehow!) Patience is a virtue, people!

Any last words?

Be nice to your healer.  It is unwise to piss off the person who holds your repair bill in her hands.


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