Rage of the Firelands – Patch 4.2.0

Hey Guildies, we’ve all heard of the up and coming new patch that has huge changes in store for us.  After trawling the net for a bit I’ve come up with some interesting links that out it all into perspective.

  1. A great general summary of whats going to change.  This one includes everything from raids, vanity pets, changes to UI, new quests and a bunch of other stuff!
  2. Faction Rewards
  3. Ghostcrawler’s blog on how WOW has aimed to readdress the games ‘Balance’. A number of classes have been affected here, well worth the look.
  4. WOW’s Official Guide to Rage of the Firelands.  This includes their patch notes, lore, raids, armor, developers notes and a nifty Wallpaper.
  5. Wowwikki’s in depth guide to class changes in Patch 4.2.0
  6. New PVP Mounts
  7. PVP Crafted Gear
  8. Season 10 PVP Armor Sets (as seen below)
If you have a link that may be of interest to the guild, please email it to respectguild@hotmail.com

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