Cataclysm Quartermaster Locations

Baradin’s Wardens

Quartermaster Name: Quartermaster Brazie
Location: Inside Tol Barad battleground, at Baradin Base Camp. Coords – 72,63

Quartermaster Name: Lord Candren
Location: In Stormwind, next to Flight Master ramp. Next to him is the Stormwind quartermaster too.

Guardians of Hyjal
Quartermaster Name: Provisioner Whitecloud
Location: He is in Mount Hyjal, in Nordrassil’s inn. Coords – 62,23

Quartermaster Name: Blacksmith Abasi
Location: You can find it in Uldum in Ramkahen, somewhere on the east of that camp. Coords -54,33

The Earthen Ring
Quartermaster Name: Provision Arok
Location: He is in Silver Tide Hollow (the cave), in Vashj’ir. Coords 49,42

Quartermaster Name: D’Lom the Collector
Location: Is one of those rock giants at Therazane’s Throne in Deepholm. Coords – 59,16

Wildhammer Clan
Quartermaster Name: Craw MacGraw
Location: He is in Thundermar, Twilight Highlands. Coords – 48,30


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