Raiding with Respect

It’s time.

For raiding that is! If you havn’t heard, we’re asking all members that are interested in Raiding Cataclysm content to pass on the name, class, spec and iLvl average to any of the officers – Xav, Goddess, Azragarn and Nenni. Over the next couple of weeks we shall be running in-guild randoms/heroics to help people become gear ready.  During this time further information regarding raiding shall be released.  We encourage all members that wish to be a part of the raiding team/s to actively be involved in the randoms.

We will also be publishing as much information as we can to help individuals become raid prepared, so please keep checking in with the blog.

All ‘Raider’ ranks have been reset to allow people the choice of deciding wether they wish to raid the new content.  These ranks will be updated as we get closer to our start date.

So don’t forget, if you’re interested in raiding please let one of the officers know!




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