Raid News…

Last Saturday night 20/11/10, saw Respect’s raiding team down Dreamwalker. We then went on to do Sindragosa only to find out that we had to clear the other bosses in ICC.

So off to the Plague Wing we went.

After clearing out the trash we started on Festergut and got him down with out any problems.

As I was healing I could not see how fast we got Festergut down, but Peepster said, ” Wow we did that in a new record time “.

So then it was off to Rotface, and as Kat said, ” wow that it is one ugly mother ”

Everyone in the raid group got a laugh from that and he/she is butt ugly.

We were unsuccessful at getting him down as it was late and we were all pretty buggered, so the team is locked to the event and will have another crack at rotface before next weekend. After Rotface will be off to Putricide and then the Blood Council.

We did pick up a new team member for the Respect team Ischkimaeil a level 80 Dwarf Prot Warrior, so if you see him on, please say hello to him and welcome him into the guild.

So thank you all for your time and if you are interested in raiding or want to know about raiding, Then please whisper me in-game or send a e-mail to and just mark it to cyberdude and it will be passed on to me.

Well boy’s and girl’s, that’s it for this week, please stay tuned for more news from the Respect Raiding Team.



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