Character Assassination: SertPally


Character Assassination is our regular blog entry that features members from our guild…


What is your Main called?


What Class is your Main?

Retribution Paladin (gee what a shock) :p

What Race is your main?


What is your main’s Profession?

Mining / Kinda tinker with Engineering

What sex is your main?


How Long have you /played?

4-5 months

What are the names of your other alts?

Well SertPally is really my only toon, also got a Bank Toon and a place holder

What do you like the most about playing WOW?

Spending time playing with my missus Cyza, and downtime from work…..

What do you dislike the most about playing WOW?

PVP Focus…. can’t stand it

Out of all of Azeroth what is your favourite place and why?

Well just got to Northrend and so far it’s pretty nice 😀 Really the whole game is really well done…..

If you could change one thing about WOW, what would it be?

PVP Focus……

What are you most looking forward to when Cataclysm is released?

You know…. stuff :p

…and flying around the older areas

Any last words?

There are really new ppl in WoW, give newbies a chance…..


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