Character Assassination: Cyberdude

Character Assassination is our regular blog entry that features members from our guild…

What is your Main called?


What Class is your Main?

Druid Healer

What Race is your main?

Night elf

What is your main’s Profession?

Leather working and Skinning

What sex is your main?


How Long have you /played?

3 years

What are the names of your other alts?

You really have to ask ! ok
cyberbuddy Hunter, cyberlock, cybergirl shammy, cyberlene Hunter,
cyberat Rogue, cyberjoe Mighty Pally, cyberkinght Deathknight, cyberpal WARRIOR,
They are just on this server ! hehehe

What do you like the most about playing WOW?

For me it’s way of relaxing and catching up with friends.
And it’s a second childhood. lol

What do you dislike the most about playing WOW?

Halls of reflection ! And everyone knows it too

Out of all of Azeroth what is your favourite place and why?

It’s the night elf home area Darassus, Why you say ? Well I’m glad you asked.
It’s quite and hardly anyone goes there anymore, Now that my seceret is out you all be there right ! lol

If you could change one thing about WOW, what would it be?

Gold farmer’s. and way too many hard core guild’s.

What are you most looking forward to when Cataclysm is released?

The new worgen race, I am looking to forward to leveling another druid and the new rare pets and mounts for all of my toon’s.
Flying around everywhere and not having to ride. YES ! ! !

Any last words?

This game is about fun and meeting great new people which has been a privilege and honour.

Bring on cataclysm, I want my MTV, I mean my worgen druid.


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