Character Assassination: Nenni

Character Assassination is our regular blog entry that features members from our guild…

What is your Main called?


What Class is your Main?

Hunter Survival Spec & Beastmaster Spec

What Race is your main?

Night Elf

What sex is your main?


How Long have you /played?

83 days, 10 hours, 59 min

Although she did start life out as a Tauren called Mooi on a PVP server, she’s only been alliance for a relatively short period.

What are the names of your other alts?

Medaea – lvl 80 Priest, Holy Spec

Pagona – lvl 80 Mage, Arcane Spec

Theosophea – lvl 64 Paladin, Retribution Spec & Protection Spec

And a multitude of little alts…

What do you like the most about playing WOW?

I love the sense of community I get from my fellow guildies.  I also love that I can log on and instantly be someplace else.  A place that allows me to escape reality for a short period of time.

What do you dislike the most about playing WOW?

PUGS & Guild Drama

Out of all of Azeroth what is your favourite place and why?

I really love Crystalsong Forest.  I love the quietness of it and the music really suits the area….

If you could change one thing about WOW, what would it be?

I’d be able to automatically MUTE all the 12-25yr old males that play in PUGS

What are you most looking forward to when Cataclysm is released?

All the new pets and critters Ill be able train and own!

Any last words?

“…I did NOT pull aggro that time!!!!!”


“…I can’t hear you over the doof doof…”


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