Are You Ready For Cataclysm?!

Well kids, there’s only 30 days to go (roughly)!  In the last month we’ve all been bombarded by information overload.  Some of it has been detailed, some vague…some of it more misinformation and some just plain, scary. For many of us that have been playing longer than the last expansion, Cataclysm offers up the largest change to the game so far.  Initially I though about regurgitating all the information I’d come across in the last month and then decided that it was more prudent to just link the most interesting changes Id found on the Web.

Blizzard has been previewing it’s new World of Warcraft Community Site all week and I have to say I totally LOVE IT.  What an improvment and WHY has it taken so long?!  It’s here that you can find all the basics set out: Environmental Previews, the Cataclysm Timeline and Forums that discuss up coming changes.

Another informative site is Wow Insider.  The crew from Wow Insider have been slowly breaking down the classes and how they’ll play in Cataclysm since the Beta Realms became live.  You’ll also find many visuals from the new expansion like the Female Worgen Dance, Female Worgen in Beta, Goblin Lore, Goblin Cinematic, Cataclysm Maps etc.  Wow Insider also does a fantastic Podcast that I highly recommend.

Further information on the new Guild Leveling System can be found the the informative Wow-Tips Blogspot.  This blog covers all the basics from how to start an new alt to all the new cataclysm must-knows like Reforging, Archeology Profession & The New Seahorse Mounts.

So as we get closer to the release date, take the time to do some reading BUT I also recommend keeping it to a minimum.  Ill post further links as I find them and if there’s anything you’ve found on your travels, feel free to send me a link and Ill post it for you.


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